Life Insurance for Seniors

by Jeff Rose on September 6, 2016

Life Insurance for SeniorsLife insurance for seniors can be even more important than ever. There is a large majority of seniors that cancel their life insurance policy or don’t bother to look for a new one when their previous one expires. They think that at this stage of life, a life insurance plan is a waste of money, but that couldn’t be further from the truth.

In the past, seniors were concerned about having life insurance to take care of burial expenses and perhaps take care of a spouse. Because funeral can cost up to $10,000 or more, life insurance is a great way for your loved ones to cover those expenses.

Society and the economy have made some significant changes in the role that many seniors find themselves within a family.  Many seniors now find themselves in the position of parents of young children, their grandchildren.  There are also many of the elderly who are now financially assisting their adult children.  In some instances this means their children and grandchildren.  Now seniors are making sure that they have life insurance for some of the same reasons that they did when they were younger.

Life Insurance Protection

Life insurance for seniors can cover educational expenses for their children and grandchildren.  The benefits from a senior’s life insurance can also cover the rest of a mortgage, bills and credit cards.  Even car expenses can be taken care of with senior life insurance benefits.  Now, seniors may be a bit concerned about acquiring life insurance after a certain age.  Fortunately, the insurance industry is in touch with the fact that seniors are living longer and are just as in need of life insurance as anyone else is.  With just a bit of research, seniors can find and acquire life insurance for reasonable, monthly rates.

Sure, a life insurance policy at an older age is going to cost more than it would with a younger applicant, but in most cases, a policy is much more affordable than you might think. You can’t put a price tag on the peace of mind that a life insurance policy will bring knowing your family will have the money they need to pay off any final expenses or get a college education. Everyone wants to leave their family with a financial legacy, not mountains of debt.

Each life insurance company is different, some of them view applicants differently than others. Certain companies will look more favorably towards certain applicants like smokers, diabetics, or seniors. The key is finding the insurance company that will give you the best rates based on your specific situation.

Guaranteed Life Policies for Seniors

Most life insurance for seniors is of the guaranteed issue variety.  This means that a health exam isn’t required and only a few health questions are asked. This is an excellent option for anyone with any health complications or pre-existing conditions. These plans are more expensive than a traditional plan and are frequently called burial insurance, but you can’t put a price on the coverage that it will provide. The monthly rates don’t increase through the years since this type of insurance falls under the category of term life insurance.  This can be very useful for seniors with regard to budget.

Responsible seniors know that looking after the well-being of their loved ones is important before and after death.  Life insurance that also has an option for burial insurance, is a wise choice that many elderly policy seekers lean toward.

Life insurance for seniors has become a must have.

In situations where the elderly are the primary caretakers of their grandchildren, it’s apparent that provisions need to be made to care for the ones who are left behind in the case of death.  Many seniors have adult children that have had to lean on them in order to have financial stability.  In some cases, this has extended to include adult children with children.  It’s a vast change in the family dynamic, but it’s reality has increased the practicality of seniors having life insurance.

Seniors in this day and time are often still a part of the work force.  The age of retirement for many has increased.  Seniors wondering how to spend their golden years is an occurrence that is becoming a thing of the past.  Seniors are now often continuing full time parents or caretakers.  As such, they are making sure that life insurance is a priority.  Like any responsible person, seniors acquire life insurance to make sure that their loved ones are in good financial shape.

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