Affordable Life Insurance For Smokers

by Jeff Rose on August 15, 2012

Affordable Life Insurance For SmokersIn many cases smokers will underestimate that they can get affordable life insurance even though they are regular smokers.

Smoking can drive up the cost of life insurance exponentially.

Sometimes as much as 2 to 3 times the amount a non-smoker would pay!

Insurance companies will classify a smoker based on their tobacco consumption. The price of the term life insurance policy may be related to whether or not a person is a moderate or heavy tobacco consumer. The less number of cigarettes that you have per day could affect the amount of money that you have to pay for term life insurance for smokers.

Making sure that you specify the exact amount of tobacco that you consume a day will help you to get a more affordable plan. If you’re a light smoker there’s no reason why you should be lumped in with heavy smokers and people who smoke quite a lot throughout the course of the day. Smokers who are otherwise healthy with regard to their weight, blood pressure and cholesterol will also be able to get a deal on affordable life insurance. By making sure that you have medical data to back up the fact that you’re a smoker as well as a healthy individual, will help to reduce your life insurance rates, when you go to get a quote.

Usually when it comes time for a smoker to find affordable term life insurance it will require the person to take a medical exam to verify any of the information that’s provided by the applicant. In order to make sure that tobacco consumption is prevalent in the subject the medical examination may include a test that measures urine or saliva to check for a by-product of nicotine. This will verify the amount of smoking that you do and help you to apply to life insurance policy truthfully.

Affordable life insurance for smokers can also come by selecting a proper policy. Making sure that you get just the right amount of coverage will help you save money on your policy, or securing your life insurance policy when you’re younger and in better health will also make sure that the policy does not cost you extra money.

If you have no health defects currently and are in the best health that you been in years, now is the best time to go and get a life insurance policy to make sure that it remains affordable. If your circumstances change be sure to review your policy and make sure that you need the same amount of coverage that’s on your policy. Taking some of your coverage away will help you to save money on your term life insurance costs.

While it may seem insurmountable to find affordable life insurance for smokers, by being specific and also assessing your plan to pick the right coverage for you, you can work to receive affordable life insurance rates even if you smoke.


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